$4.99 Sale on Movies @ iTunes Store!

They were having a sale on movies today @ the iTunes Store, so I purchased four movies for $4.99 each: Boondock Saints (Unrated), The (2000) Easy Rider (1969) Equilibrium (2002) Snatch (2001) If I keep catching great sales like this one, my iTunes Library will grow very fast! I only spent $20.00 for four HD movies that I really like.…

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Benchmarking Test Results #001

Here are the results of the benchmarking tests I ran on my devices today: For My iPhone 6s Plus Geekbench CPU: Single-Core Score: 2533 / Multi-Core Score: 4367 Compute: Metal Score: 10889 Battery: N/A (did not run test) Antutu Total: 134665 3D: 37476 UX: 46999 CPU: 41597 RAM: 8593 Speedtest (WiFi) Ping: 14 ms Download: 332.24 mbps Upload: 23.45 mbps…

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iOS 11.2 Public Beta 4 Released

I am currently in the process of updating my iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Mini 4, and iPad Pro 9.7 to iOS 11.2 Public Beta 4. My iPhone 5c is still on iOS 10.3.3. I have already backed up all my devices to iCloud. After I am done updating iOS, I am going to update all the apps, and charge all…

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